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Therapy Session

I offer individual counseling sessions that are tailored to each client's needs. Together, we will work toward a better understanding of the origin of your thoughts, emotions, and behavior and we build upon your inner resources. In my practice, clients are the experts of their own life. I provide a warm, supportive and effective environment so you can initiate a change. 

Stressed Man
Couples Therapy

Relationships can be challenging yet we cannot exist without them. We work together so you can understand how your psychological blueprint and learned experiences influence your life, and how you can contribute to having healthy relationships. 

Happy Family

I offer counseling to parents from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. We will work towards an understanding of what is happening between parents and children so we can experience more harmony within your family. 

Psychology Session

Life can be overwhelming and it can feel unbearable. In depression treatment, the psychodynamic approach will be utilized along with MBCT, and the CBT approaches. 


Treatment of anxiety-related disorders such as general anxiety, panic disorder and panic attacks, OCD, phobias and social anxiety using evidence-based therapy approach. 

Woman's Portrait

Providing counseling to women dealing with infertility, prenatal and postpartum issues, and birth-related issues including a loss of a child, postpartum depression, and issues related to settling into parenthood. 

In life, we might have gotten hurt and we go on in life bleeding all over everybody. I believe that our thoughts, emotions and behaviors are interconnected. Some trauma we had suffered in life was perhaps repressed, overlooked, ignored but it might be playing out in your life in form of cognitive schemas and self-sabotaging, avoidant behavior. I specialize in clients with PTSD, depression, and anxiety to decipher the emotional and cognitive underpinning of their functioning. 

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