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Lenka Knag

Mental Health Counseling, EMDR and Therapy


(929) 461-9590



45 Grove Street

New Canaan, CT 06840

About me

Since early adolescence I have been interested in holistic psychology. My background is in transpersonal psychology and mindfulness, somatic psychology that examines the body-mind relationship. I work mainly from a trauma-informed perspective, and I utilize evidence-based approach such as CBT. I have been working with people for over ten years. Many of us have experienced emotional injury somewhere along the way whether we are consciously aware of it, and these adverse experiences can negatively project into our lives. 

I view psychotherapy mainly as necessary self-care, a space to be with yourself and connect with your inner life.  It is less place for advice or “fixing”, and more a place for attunement and improved self-awareness.  A client is always an expert on his own life. 


I earned my formal education first at State University of New York and then at New York University. I was also trained to practice EMDR method in New York which I believe to be an efficient method to process traumatic experiences.  I am also a certified yoga teacher and a regression therapist certified by Dr. Brian Weiss.  Currently I am being trained in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy at the Integral Psychiatry Institute in Colorado.


My approach is holistic, and I specialize in trauma. I view each client as a unique individual with immense inner potential for growth. I think that it is precisely at the time of our pain – presenting as depression, anxiety, feeling stuck, overwhelm, loss or grief – that we are provided with an opportunity to tap into our inner healing power.  I think the therapeutic alliance between myself and my client is crucial for the therapy to be successful. 

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